Class Rank Concerns

<p>I recently transferred to a new high school which is a lot more competitive than my old high school: AP classes, more honors classes, and weighted class ranks. At my previous high school I was ranked 18 which put me in the top ten percent however we didn't have weighted grades, if we did my rank would have been higher. Currently, my rank at the new high school puts me at 16 percent. I know that's not terrible, however; a lot of students have taken AP classes which will cause a sudden shift in rank. I wanted to take AP classes but my schedule wouldn't fit (my school does block scheduling).' At the end of this semester I think i might fall to 25 percent. I cant take any AP classes until next year which is my senior year and won't count that much anyways. Will this look terrible to colleges? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>no it will not look terrible to colleges.</p>

<p>but just to clarify, does this mean you can't take ANY ap classes?</p>

<p>anyhow, you'll still be top 25% which is still pretty good.</p>

<p>in answering this question i assumed that you were not talking about ivies and stuff.</p>

<p>Students for the most part have no control over where the attend high school, and thus the number of APs that are available to them. Colleges understand this. What is important is not the overall number of APs, or even how many you took in direct comparison with your peers (as is commonly thought), but did you take the most challenging schedule based on what was available to you. This will be different for you than your peers as you were in a different school for a number of years. Meet with your GC and discuss your concern with him/her. They should address this in their report so schools can fairly evaluate your course rigor. Best of luck.</p>