Class rank Weighted/Unweighted?

<p>When colleges look at your class rank, do they consider your weighted or unweighted? My unweighted class rank is barely in the second decile (~20%) while my weighted class rank is barely in the first decile (~10%).</p>

<p>most schools will say on the counselor recommendatuion form..."If weighted rank is available give weighted rank".</p>

<p>Probably both weighted and unweighted class rank. The unweighted class rank does not tell adcomes much about rigor of classes that one takes...while the weighted rank gives context to performance within your school. Thus, an unweighted class rank punishes those who have taken more rigorous courses, while in the weighted rank those that take AP, IB, etc...get a boost that reflects the stats "corrected" for difficulty.</p>

<p>yeah...IsleBoy pretty much sums it up there.....</p>

<p>I'm getting screwed over because my school doesn't weight. Unweighted my gpa is in the top 10%, but if it were weighted, I'd be in the top 5%....this doesn't allow me to apply to any programs that require top 5%</p>

<p>why dont you switch schools?</p>


<p>Probably a better way to do it than most....</p>