Classes for sophomore year

<p>hey im currently a freshman and im planning on doing a major in accounting or some kind of engineering.. i wanted to know is it good to start taking classes like accounting, business law, marketing in high school or it doesnt really matter? because if its good then ill start taking them from 10th grade..</p>

<p>tell me what yall think</p>

<p>i can take 4 electives.. and my next year schudele (sp) is:
english II Honors
Statistics AP
World History Honors
Chemistry Honors
-computer science</p>

<p>I would say computer science. It seems as if it would be more useful.</p>

<p>have you taken Physics yet?</p>

<p>don't forget a foreign language! I don't think any type of accounting or business class would help, but computer science would be good. Debate is also very valuable as long as it's actually an academic class based upon official and competitive (Policy or Lincoln-Douglas) debate. Besides the computer science and debate class, I would fill the other two elective slots with more academic electives like an English elective, a math elective, etc.</p>