My school recently decided not to offer every AP class every year to increase enrollment in them, because some AP classes were not offered since there was not enough people enrolled in them. During my junior year, I was planning to take AP physics, but it is not offered then. I decided to take it at a nearby college during the summer between my sophomore and junior year, and perhaps get an abbreviated schedule of 6 classes instead of 7 in my junior year. Will this look as serious and look as good as if I were to just take 7 classes during my junior year. Will it affect anything by hurting my college admission or will it look the same? I am look forward to going to MIT, if the college I want to attend means anything. Thank you for your help, and tell me if you need more information in order to give me more advice.

<p>any advice?</p>

<p>sounds good, and shows iniative (as long as you do well)</p>

<p>Taking physics at a college should not look any worse than taking it as an AP class. In fact, I would think it would look better. My older son only took one AP class, but he took several college classes, and he is now at Stanford. I see no problem with that, especially if you have a lot of EC interests that would give you a valid reason for wanting a smaller course load in the school year.</p>

<p>It depends if the college class is calculus-based and if the AP class was B or C, but generally, the college class will look the same if not better as Susantm said.</p>