Clemson Admissions-Class of 2026


for anyone interested in applying to the Honors College


thank you. my brother is applying. but with a 1380 its a long shot. his top two schools are Clemson and UMiami. he wishes Clemson had ED.


Good luck to him!

Thank you!

My son applied Aug 31, application downloaded by Clemson 9/1. His stats:
In state
1430 SAT
3.96 nw/5.03 w gpa
40/993 (top 4%)
11 APs and all honors, 4 and 5 on all AP exams
2 varsity sports all 4 years
EC and had a job
National Merit semifinalist
Great recs and personal statement

What are his chances for finding out early in the nov/dec wave?

My husband and I are both Clemson alum. He’s applied to other schools but several are reach schools. February seems such a long ways away. It’s brutal.

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With his gpa, rigor, NMSF and rank, guessing he’ll probably hear by mid December. Did he apply to the Honors College?

He has not applied to the Honors college. My husband was in the HC. My son hasn’t decided if he will or not.

:+1: The application is due much earlier this year which peaked my curiousity. If accepted into the HC, I also recommend applying to the Eureka program for anyone interested in research.

Based on stats and being instate he will get in and probably hear in December, if not earlier. Make sure he can see everything done and accepted in his portal. Last year there were glitches and/or kids who missed a step when logging into the portal and their application was not processed until April.

The financial aid package and merit took forever to come last year - months after some had been admitted. I am hoping this has been remedied.

He will be a Palmetto Fellow instate so that is your known merit money (remember, depending on major the instate scholarships are hard to hang onto - like in Engineering).

Merit funds are not tied to the honors college. They actually bill an extra $500 at Clemson for the honors college, so a lot do not bother with it. The scholars programs do have merit ties to them.

Thank you for the wealth of information. He is my oldest so we are all new to this. My husband did not think the HC was worth it when he went but that’s just his opinion. My son’s first major choice is engineering (bio) and 2nd choice is Biochemistry. At this time he doesn’t want to apply to the HC, but we will see. Yes, we just got word he’s been awarded the Palmetto. Does this mean no merit award from Clemson? Sorry, newbie here.

It is confusing - think of the game “shoots and ladders,” to start, he automatically get $6700 for Palmetto, for his stats Clemson may offer a few thousand more the first year, but do not hold your breath. Palmetto goes to $7500 the next three years if he meet the requirements (# of credits and lifetime GPA - includes HS dual credit classes). Many end up taking summer classes to try to get back into qualifying - they can take them at your local tech college to save money (CoC financial aid directly told my son to do this). Then for STEM majors, he will get another $2500 for the next three years. Some 5 year programs at Clemson let them have the same funding for the 5th year.

He should get into Engineering at Clemson instate with his stats. Not sure need honors college with that or bio chem. There are so many opportunities for research, etc…

D21 ended up out of state with better merit offer - total cost ended up less than Clemson in-state. I think the merit came in to bring the total to just under $10,000 including Palmetto. That seems about where several kids landed.

Here is the link to the SC info on Palmetto

My brother applied via common app. Does Clemson look at the personal essay even though they don’t require it? Same for the additional info on common app?

Do Honors applicants hear back sooner? or only the kids with really high stats?

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Typically, yes they here back sooner.

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Clemson admissions are stats driven; this is the C7 breakdown to give you an idea of importance. The first round of acceptances typically go out the last week of Oct/first week of November with subsequent waves through December and January. The waves typically start with the highest stat applicants through the lower end of the higher stats. The early release acceptances typically receive merit scholarships, although there have been some who received them with the February acceptances. The general application and the honors college applications are separate and are reviewed by different departments. The HC app is more holistic and considers ECs, etc once a certain stats threshold has been met.


Do they update the application portal with decision before receiving the packet in the mail?

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Mail was a mess last year between November and February. D21 and others found out on the portal first. It was also a new Portal last year for Clemson I believe.

I think they like to get the mailing out first.


My son is a junior in the HC at Clemson. I can only speak to our experience, but he received his Tigertown Bound packet Thanksgiving weekend of the year he applied. So while most packets are mailed in February, your son certainly could hear something much sooner. Included was a letter stating he would be awarded merit money from Clemson in addition to Palmetto Fellows, but no amount was listed. The amount of merit scholarships was listed in the portal in February. HC acceptances we’re separate and all released on the same day in February that year. Things may have changed in the past few years, but that was our experience. Best of luck to your son!


Pleased their priority deadline is December 1st. We have not gotten around to submission yet - too many other applications in play, which are due November 1st.

Not to get you nervous or add to any stress, but if your child is interested in the honors college at Clemson there is a Nov 1 deadline for the first round. They have to do the college application to then get in the portal to complete the honors college parts.

It is confusing on their site.
Honors College App due
November 1st (11:59 p.m. EST)

Required materials submitted by the 15th.

There is a later round as well, but to be considered for the National Scholars Program, applicants must apply to Clemson and the Honors College by the first deadlines.

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