Clemson Admissions

<p>Hello, I am an out of state student (NY) and Clemson has been my number one choice forever. I have a 92 unweighted GPA and a 97 weighted GPA (school goes by the 100 point scale). I was ranked 49 out of 474 student which puts me just within the top 10% of my class. By the time of graduation I will complete 5 AP classes and 4 college level courses. My standarized test scores are of the lower percentile though with a 1200 on the SAT (600 on each section) which causes me concern. I have a ton of extracurricular but I know Clemson doesn't take much notice of that with their decisions. I put History as my major on the application but I plan on changing immediately if I am accepted. How are my chances?</p>

<p>Good luck to you. When you apply to Clemson, your application falls into a black hole (they don't even bother to tell you if they got it; they don't have a place on their website where you can sign in to follow whether everything has been submitted). The next thing you will hear, if you hear anything, is whether you have been accepted or not. Clemson's admissions process is a throwback to the 1900's -- apply and wait, with no intervening communication or conversation.</p>