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<p>Hey, im finishing up my junior year in high school, so as you can imagine, Im looking at colleges and getting a little bit nervous. African American Female residing in Maryland. I really want to know whether I have a chance at these schools, or whether i'm wasting my time. If you would like for me to chance you back, feel free to leave a link! Let's Get Started...
These are the schools:
College of William and Mary
University of Virginia
UMD College Park - safety
Penn State - safety</p>

<pre><code> By the end of my senior year, all of my "special classes" would be G/T - Gifted and Talented- is regarded as a step above honors in my school, to avoid confusion: Honors French 2, US History G/T, English 9 G/T, Biology G/T, Geometry G/T, Chemistry G/T, Algebra 2 G/T, Computer Science 2 G/T, AP American Government, French 3 Honors, English 10 G/T, AP World History, AP Lang, AP Computer Science, Phyics G/T, AP Psychology, Latin 1 Honors.
SAT I - 1810, not impressive i know, but I retook it in June, so im awaiting the results. I also took the ACTs this June, i fell I did well on those. Im taking 2 SAt Subjects tests when school starts again. GPA-3.5 (W) 4.2 (UW) - might have those mixed up,idk.
Here are my EC's: Im actually actively involved with all of these, not just someone with a list a mile long but only an inch deep.

<li>National Honor Society
-Treasurer for Young Democrats
-Executive Board Secretary</li>
<li>Black Student Achievement Program</li>
<li>TOMS Shoes Campus Club
-200+ Volunteer Hours Rebuilding Homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA
-200+ Volunteer Hours serving the low-income community of Hurley, VA
-200+ Volunteer Hours helping out in community of Jacksonville, FL
-Mentored Hispanic Children from Low-income families in computers and robotics - PC4KIDS
-Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (M.E.S.A.) - Placed 1st place in cargo plane for regionals, 1st place for bridge in regionals.
-National Art Honor Society
-AP Scholars
-National Technology Honor Society
-L.E.O. - Leading Each Other: helped incoming freshmen cope with the new stress of high school, helped people with other issues,
-National Society of Black Engineers
-Part Time Job as Cashier at Restrant
-Part time Job as Cashier at Best Buy</li>


<p>I forgot to add my senior year classes: AP Stats, AP Bio, AP Lang, Latin 2 Honors, G/T Intern-Mentor Program.</p>

<p>I don't know enough about those schools to say if they're targets or reaches but I think you're definitely right about your safeties and you have a solid chance at the rest of the schools. Your ECs are really good so I think that will definitely push you ahead besides your grades. Plus being a minority can work to your advantages. Only thing is your SATs but I'm sure you can bring them up, if not I don't think it will really kill you, there are a lot of people who have good grades but disproportionate SATs. An 1810 is still good, anyway. It's just not stellar.</p>

<p>Hey, I'm in Maryland too. What high school do you go to? </p>

<p>I think your extracurriculars are fantastic. Very dedicated and very impressive. </p>

<p>Unfortunately, your GPA of 3.5 doesn't impress me as much, and neither does your SAT. (But you probably already knew that) </p>

<p>If you write a fantastic college essay (start now!) and bump up your SAT score above 2000, then there's no reason why you shouldn't make any of those schools. NYU might be a reach.</p>

<p>Extra stuff I forgot to add:
Peer tutor
Howard University's Pre-Proffesional Science and Health Career Program.
--Best Student in Communications, Chemistry, Math
--Best Overall Student</p>

<p>Did 9th grade in Nigerian Boarding school, when I came back, I was placed in 9th grade again because I had already skipped 1at grade and they didn't want me to be 13 In 10th grade.</p>

<p>Yeah, I know my gpa and sat aren't impressive. Novad3mon, I go to Howard High School</p>

<p>Make sure you have a WELL PUT TOGETHER application and that your essay is great. GET EMOTIONAL WHEN YOU WRITE! Whether you play those songs that move you or watch a sappy movie, emotional essays are much more interesting to read and the reader can tell whether you spilled your heart out or paid some bum on the street to write your essay. Adversities are always a bonus and please don't be afraid to mention them. Choose meaningful extracurriculars to put in your application else it will seem as if you are just accumulating references. If there is anything that hindered your performance then mention it and explain why it affected your performance. Honestly, if you spill the beans in your essay and master it, do research etc., I think you could get into any of these schools. Find out what each school is looking for and tailor your applications to each one. Don't forget, I can give you my take on the likeliness but I'm by no means an expert or even moderately competent in gauging the possibilities. Good luck!</p>

Well, I agree about your safeties!
But your GPA and SATI scores (as of right now) make UVA, NYU, Vandy, and the College of William and Mary kind of a reach.
But your ECs and URM status will help a good bit!
What are you looking to major in, and do you need financial aid?
Because those are all factors in acceptance!<br>
Good luck!
Chance me back?
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<p>Still undecided on what to major in. It's between bio, or business administration, or somewhere in those directions. Would I have better chances applying as undecided, or with a specific major?</p>

<p>Don't forget you can use Early Decision/Action to your advantage when it comes to reach schools.</p>

<p>Will keep that in mind javacrunch, thanks.</p>

<p>Your extracurriculars are fantastic. Your SAT scores definitely should go up and make sure that you have a fantastic essay.</p>

<p>College of William and Mary- reach, with that SAT score/GPA.
University of Virginia- low reach/high match
NYU- low reach
Vanderbilt- reach
UMD College Park - safety
Penn State - safety</p>

<p>Get that SAT score up and anything is possible (Vanderbilt will still be reach with the 3.5 though).</p>

<p>Also, yes you mixed up weighted and unweighted :)</p>

<p>College of William and Mary- reach - with that sat/gpa but good luck!!
University of Virginia- high match
NYU- low reach
Vanderbilt- reach
UMD College Park - low match
Penn State - safety</p>

<p>how about delaware?</p>

<p>taylorthegolfer, you think Delaware would be good? Wouldn't Maryland be better? Since they're bassically on the same standard, and MD is in state, so it would save me a great deal of money?</p>

<p>You have VERY good ECs, and being African-American will definitely help. Not trying to be racist, but since you're African-American you won't be expected to do as well on the SATs. Still, try to raise your 1800 up, but just explaining what I said: my friend (African-American girl) got into Cornell with good ECs (not the same as yours, but on the same level) and around a 1950 on her SATs. So anything is possible! Just raise the SATs a little bit and you're good.</p>

<p>Sorry to double post, but chance me back?</p>

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