CMU RD Class of 2025- Decision Date: March 27th

Thank you for the information. Sadly, we will have to decline the offer, 300k is just too much when you then have medical school expense.

can yu share your stats. Congratulaions


I received a very small merit award! I’m grateful for anything, but it won’t be enough for me to commit to CMU. We are scheduling an appointment with Financial Aid.

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We still haven’t heard anything about Financial Aid, so we reached out and here are highlights from the reply:

• Congratulations on your student’s acceptance. If all documents have been received within the last week or so, we are working to get those out to students.
• You can check the student portal to make sure the documents we requested are are received.
• I would say if you don’t have an offer within the next few days, email us and we’ll take a look.

We did just put in one document a week ago… so, just a few more days…!


We also reached out. They told us they are trying to get them out by Friday.

If you are accepted from waitlist to CMU after paying deposit in another college, what is the process to come out of that and join CMU. Do you loose the deposit amount only or do you need to pay some tution too ?

Most college deposits are non-refundable. Yes, you lose the deposit. That’s the down side to staying on the waitlist. You may get accepted but in most cases you won’t know until you have already committed elsewhere, to meet the deadlines.

Tuition isn’t due until the start of the semester, so if you get off the waitlist this summer and decide to attend CMU, you just lose the commitment deposit at the other school.

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My son was waitlisted but we still have the financial aid package on the portal. What does this mean?

In many (if not most) colleges financial aid and admissions are handled by two separate departments. Financial aid department processes aid without knowing anything about admission status.

Late post. Priority Waitlist decision to make. Yet… other admit, think I might take…Good luck too all.

Same here. I reread my letter, it is a projection of financial aid if you are accepted off of waitlist. I am trying to decide if it is worth it to choose priority or if I should just pass. See financial aid was encouraging, still I am admit at other schools so…

Priority Waitlisted at CMU- if u know you are going somewhere else - please don’t forget to withdraw so those on waitlist don’t have to wait until May 1 deadline to pass for system to Open spots for WL students.

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Everybody waitlisted is priority-waitlisted.

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Those who replied to your waitlist options today - did everybody see both PRIORITY WL and REGULAR WL as two distinct options (two radio buttons) OR did some of you see only REGULAR WL option without any PRIORITY WL option?

Waitlisted (WL) people - on your financial aid, did anyone receive SCHOLARSHIP (Carnegie Mellon or Presidential)? OR, you only received GRANT (Carnegie Mellon University GRANT)…trying to check if any WL people received SCHOLARSHIP (not GRANT)?

Priority waitlisted, cost will be $300,000+ to attend CMU based on tentative financial aid statement. I was shocked.

According to the CMU website, these scholarships are no longer being offered.

when do we hear about waitlist?

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