<p>I am applying to Colby EDII. What are my chances? Thanks!
White male NJ</p>

math: 690
writing: 660
c.r.: 640
math 2: 700
AP Microeconomics: 4
AP Lang. and Comp.: 4 </p>

<p>-Started my own drug and alcohol awareness club in high school.
-Was one of three selected to attend a teen institute last summer and returned this summer as a youth counselor.
-National Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society
-Semifinalist of New Jersey Scholars Program
-Volunteer for EMS (6+ hours per week)
-Currently enrolled in EMT course at local county college (will be an EMT within the next few weeks)
-JV Tennis, Varsity Swimming
-Mentor for children with special needs
-p/t job for 2 years (9 hours per week) </p>

<p>So thats the basics. I take all honors and AP classes and get A-'s and occasional B's. My school is public but is ranked in the top 5 of the state, so it is good.</p>

<p>Anyone…. please?</p>

<p>Good shot. >50%</p>

<p>You definitely have a good shot!</p>

<p>Your scores fall into about the 50th percentile for accepted students, and applying ED II will help. However, being a white male from NJ may hurt your chances and the three Maine LACs have become considerably more competitive in the past 10 years. It's going to come down to your essays. 50/50 shot by your stats but knowing your rank may shed additional light on the situation.</p>

<p>Thanks everybody! I will be finding out in the next few days as they are mailing the letters tomorrow. Hopefully this goes well! I don't want to wait until April to find out where I'm going. My interview went really well, and my essay is about doing CPR and losing a friends father. Hopefully this stuff gets me in...</p>