College Board Sent My Lower SAT Score

<p>I took the sat's October 9th and got my scores back today, unfortunately I did alot worse then I did in may (1580 with writing) and got a 1450... </p>

<p>I took advantage of college boards free score reports on the 18th of October and sent both my may and October scores, assuming that I'd do better
on the October test I did worse in every category. collegeboard already sent my scores to the colleges and I had no idea that my scores would be way worse!</p>

<p>does this ruin my chances of getting in to my colleges seeing as I did not improve over the year but actually worsened? </p>

<p>i took the act's on the 23 and I probably did horrible on those now that I think about it..</p>

<p>Should not be an issue, colleges generally use for admission either superscored SATs (meaning using your highest subscores taken from multiple tests) or that test with the highest composite. Either way you are fine.</p>

<p>I did worse too ]: And I thought that it was easier this time. Should I take it again? I’m so sad. It’s a good thing that I didn’t see this before school. But unlike you, I didn’t send my scores yet.</p>