College Board shows how colleges can pick applicants!

<p>Hey CC folks, I think I stepped across something that could be very helpful in seeing how colleges make their admission decisions.</p>

<p>In the Higher Ed section of collegeboard's website, theres like a billion articles on admissions alone.</p>

<p>Here's one</p>

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<p>Don't know if people think it's significant, but I think it is.</p>

<p>Wow! Thanks so much for the link! I thought that I was familiar with what the CB had on its site, but had totally missed that section.
Another place there with useful info is under the information designed for GCs.</p>

<p>Here is the full report:</p>

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<p>This is a very comprehensive report on how colleges utilize various models for admitting students. Great post DiamondT!</p>

This 96 page document is most interesting!
Thank you for sharing!</p>

<p>since we are collecting information:</p>

<p>thanks to driver for providing this article on demonstrated interest</p>

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<p>Majority of Colleges Consider Demonstrated Interest</p>

<p>• More than half (55 percent) of colleges and universities consider demonstrated interest as a factor in the admission decision.
Small, Private Colleges Most Likely to Consider Demonstrated Interest</p>

<p>• Private institutions and institutions with small enrollments are most likely to consider demonstrated interest as a factor in the admission process. An institution’s selectivity and the institution’s yield rate have almost no relation to whether the institution considers demonstrated interest.</p>

<p>College Wait List Statistics Not Related to Consideration of Interest</p>

<p>• Analysis of colleges that maintain wait lists indicate that students are not likely to be wait-listed, accepted from the wait list, or enrolled from the wait list at a higher or lower rate at institutions based on the institution’s consideration of demonstrated interest. While institutions that consider demonstrated interest maintain wait lists at a higher rate than those that do not consider demonstrated interest, there is no statistical relationship indicating that those institutions maintain a wait list because they consider demonstrated interest.
Demonstrated Interest Likely Not Determining Factor for Rejection of Applicants</p>

<p>• To determine whether colleges use demonstrated interest to reject students, the importance attributed to demonstrated interest must be compared to the importance assigned to other factors in the admission process. Both before and after extensive analysis, demonstrated interest is shown to be a “tip” factor in the admission process. Its importance—even among institutions that openly state consideration of interest—is limited to a second-tier factor. As such, it could play a part (though not likely be the exclusive determining factor) in the decision to accept or reject students after other factors are considered, including grades, admission test scores, class rank, recommendations, and writing sample.</p>