College Counselor

<p>My college counselor is making me limit my college list to around 10 schools and I don't think that is enough. I told her I needed to apply to more than 10 schools, but she said she will not be sending recommendations and transcripts to more than 10 schools, ***. What do you think? Should I just ignore him and apply to more than 10 and tell him later?</p>

<p>You'll ignore him and have him ignore those schools' request. You need to follow his advice and apply to realistic schools. Your GPA limits you severely.</p>

<p>Have you applied anywhere yet?
You need a meeting with your counselor where you go through your list and talk about each school, assessing your realistic chances of acceptance. There is no point in applying to schools that will not accept a student with a 2.5 GPA.
Have you looked at the Naviance results for your school?</p>

<p>Why do you need to apply to more than 10 schools?</p>

<p>Is this a school rule? You will need your counselor's participation in sending recs, transcripts and school reports.</p>