College Interviews!

<p>Four students from my school applied to Harvard REA and i'm the only one who hasn't received a contact from Harvard for interviews!</p>

<p>does that mean they don't want me?? or should i e-mail them about it??</p>

<p>wat does rea mean?</p>

<p>rea = "restricted early action"
This is the new terminology for "single choice early action" means you are restricted in that you may only apply to one school in the early round (but may apply to as many RD or rolling admissions as you wish), but are not bound contractually to go there if accepted.</p>

<p>It could be that your interview has been assigned to someone else, or is waiting to be scheduled. If you haven't heard anything in a few more days, you could drop the admissions office an e-mail.</p>

<p>Actually for Harvard if you didn't get a request by Nov 21st you were supposed to call them. Admissions are being finalized on the 9th so I don't know if its too late now. But if you asked anyone in the Harvard forum, they would all say what they've heard a thousand times: if you didn't get a call, it does NOT mean they aren't interested in you. It is Harvard's policy to arrange an interview for every applicant.</p>