College of Charleston

<p>I am very interested in attending the college of charleston. I am a male. I have a couple of questions im hoping some of you can answer. Being from Long Island New York, will i fit into this school? i dont want there to be a lot of cliques and southerners sticking together. feel free to say anything else youd like about CofC.</p>

<p>There are a lot of Northerners at C of C, and as southern schools go, it doesn't have an overwhelmingly southern feel. It has more of a crunchy liberal arts vibe than you might expect from the location alone. I wouldn't worry too much about this.</p>

<p>CofC has a high female to male ratio (66% to 34%).</p>

<p>I know several West Coast students who are very happy there.</p>

<p>The historic section of Charleston has largely been bought up by wealthy non-Southerners. If C of C appeals to you for the other-than-social reasons, I'm sure you'd be enchanted by the social vibe there. Evenings in downtown Charleston are one of the unique delights in America.</p>

<p>My D just graduated from CofC last May, absolutely loved it and had no problem fitting in even though she is from far off Baltimore.</p>

<p>How strict is the school on its requirement of one year of art or music? My son's SATs and ACT are well above their numbers, his GPA is 3.2 with lots of honors and APs, but he took a course in mechanical drawing and design as his art/music credit. The school looks like it might be a nice fit for him but we won't even bother if the art/music credit is non-negotiable.</p>