College Recomendations/ Chances for a HS Junior

<p>Well its my Junior Year and time to start thinking about colleges. Wondering what you kind folk on here would recommend for me and what you think on where i plan on applying so far.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.03
Weighted GPA: 3.4
Race: Caucasian
Income Bracket: High-Very High</p>

<p>At my school we have an ACT/SAT Prep class where we take countless past ACTs and SATs.
So far I am getting around for the ACT
32-33 Math
30-31 Science
29-31 Reading<br>
29-30 Writing
Leaving me with a rough 30-32 on the ACT
My PSAT Scores are a little weak with
610 CR
630 Math
540 Writing </p>

<p>1780 Overall</p>


<h2>8th grade</h2>

<p>Algebra 1 Grade:B B
Spanish 1 Grade:B B</p>

<h2>Freshman Year</h2>

<p>Hon English 9 Grade:C C
Geometry Grade:B C
Hon Biology Grade:B C
Hon US History Grade:B B
Spanish 2 Grade:B B
Intro to Engineering Design Grade: A A
General Phys Ed Grade: A A</p>

<h2>Sophomore Year</h2>

<p>English Grade: B B
Algebra 2 Grade: B A
Hon Chemistry Grade: C C
AP US Govt Grade: B B (3 on AP)
Commercial Art Grade: A A
Spanish 3 Grade: A A
Hon Health Grade: A
Specialty Phys Ed Grade: A</p>

<h2>Junior Year (Current Semester)</h2>

<p>Hon English Grade: C
Pre Calculus Grade: A
Physics Grade: A
AP Comparative Governments Grade: B
AP Psych Grade: B
Spanish 4 Grade: A
Test Prep Grade: A</p>

Basically i am a average B student. I do challenge my self with some honors and AP classes.
My school is Highly Regarded and we send people to a lot of Ivy league school every year. One of the best Public schools in the area</p>

<h2>Extra Curricular Activities</h2>

<p>JV and Varsity Football - 2 years
Will be next semester Business Manager of my schools Journal of Psychology (Only journal of its kind in the nation)
Guitar - Played since 3rd grade on and off for roughly 6-7 years
Around 115 Community service hours</p>

<p>I also hold a job as a Cashier/"Loader" at my local plant nursery. I mainly help customers load the plants into their car but also run the register.</p>

<h2>Intended Major</h2>

<p>Engineering (Possibly Mechanical or Electrical)
Business (Sales or Management)</p>

<p>Chance me for:
U of Alabama
Penn State Main Campus (Both parents went there and I have 2 cousins that go there also)
Texas A&M
Virginia Tech</p>

<p>I live in the state of Maryland and CAN pay my way through college although some aid would be nice :)</p>

<p>If you have a recommendation here is my basic criteria for a college
Has a football team (grew up with football and i need it at college (Not to play at college))
Has a decent-good Engineering and Business Program (As i am undecided)
A medium large - Large school
Any state is fine</p>

<p>Thank you for reading my Chance thread. Any reply is greatly appreciated.</p>


<p>I hate to bump myself again but i just want some help when i start to travel to colleges and such which are my best choice in spending my time into.</p>

<p>Anyone Please?</p>

<p>Ok well my last bump for today. If anyone wants to respond that would be spectacular. Thanks.</p>


<p>Uhm thanks thats really helpful central....</p>

<p>Can anyone respond. Id like if someone would help somewhat thatd be great. But none of you seem to help. So ya...</p>


<p>bump.... I know people read this can someone tell me why they dont respond?</p>

<p>Your stats are very average. The universities you want to get into are not super hard to get in, but a surefire way is to do something extra. Can you try get more community service hours? Also, see if you can do anything business related. Internship or job in that field is best.
Basically, your grades are fine, just work on SAT. And make yourself stand out. Another way to do this is to have a stellar essay. Essays have turned peoples fates around before, and it can happen to you.
Good luck!

<p>Thanks you for responding. Ya the only other thing may be some community service hours. But thank you for the advice ill work on the SAT and essays.</p>

<p>Welcome! I'm freaking out over here too...</p>