Colleges associated with wealth and power

<p>Which college is most known for having students who are children of wealthy/powerful families? One of the Ivies? Stanford? USC?</p>

<p>Perhaps look at the colleges which have the lowest percentage of students with Pell Grants?</p>

<p>[Economic</a> Diversity | Rankings | Top National Universities | US News](<a href=“]Economic”>
[Economic</a> Diversity | Rankings | Top National Liberal Arts Colleges | US News](<a href=“]Economic”></p>

<p>You’ve certainly made a lot of topics about prestige, tiers, ranks, and the like. </p>

<p>All the ivies have wealthy alumni and strong networks. By numbers, the top two schools in terms of power/wealth have been Harvard and Stanford for many years.</p>

<p>Time to put this one on Ignore.</p>