Colleges good in English or Media/Communications in California?

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>Looking for a college with a good English or Media/Communications program in California for my son. His strength is in writing/language arts.</p>

<p>4.1 GPA
SAT 2190
800 Reading
680 Math
710 Writing</p>

<p>4 on AP US History
5 on AP English Lang & Comp. </p>

<p>He is also very musical and made first chair on bassoon (3rd chair sax) at our county honor band.</p>

<p>So far, we are looking at UCSD, UCLA, UC Irvine, Stanford, and Pomona. Are these good choices?</p>

<p>Any advice would be appreciated!</p>

<p>Thanks so much


<p>UCLA: Match
UCSD: Safe Match
UCI: Safety</p>