Colleges in forests

<p>What colleges are in highly forested areas? Thanks.</p>

<p>UC Santa Cruz.</p>

<p>Lake Forest College..the name says everything!</p>

<p>I don't know much about Wake Forest University though.</p>

<p>Seriously, though, . . . Northland College
located in Northern Wisconsin, next to Lake Superior and nearly one million acres of the Chequamegon National Forest


<p>Paul</a> Smith's College - Division of Forestry, Natural Resources, and Recreation</p>

<p>Paul</a> Smith's College - The College of the Adirondacks</p>

<p>Check out Paul Smiths in the Adirondacks, see if anything interests you.</p>

<p>I heard Wake Forest and Susquehanna are amidst wilderness. As is UC Santa Cruz.</p>

<p>Wake is not admist wilderness. It's in a very suburban area. But, there a are a ton of schools which are in remote areas. You'll have to narrow down by geography, big/small, selectivity ect.</p>

<p>Berry College Biological</a> Diversity of the berry College Campus</p>

<p>Sewanee The</a> Domain | Make it your Domain | Sewanee: The University of the South</p>

<p>Sewanee:The University of the South</p>

<p>Anything in Maine.</p>

<p>Wake Forest was originally in a town called Wake Forest, NC before it moved to Winston-Salem in 1956. It's not in a forest, though it is nicely wooded and green.</p>

<p>Evergreen State College</p>

<p>Humboldt State</p>

<p>UC Santa Cruz is amazing. Forest all the way. Look into Duke. Their campus isn't as integrated into forests as UCSC however. But they do have forests around and the famous Sarah P. Duke Gardens.</p>

<p>University of Wisconsin</p>

<p>Wisconsin, seriously? I don't think the OP's definition of "forest" means the City of Madison with population of 208,000 & public transportation.</p>

<p>Have you been to Madison? It doesn't get more rural. Drive ten minutes and you are seriously in the wilderness of middle america.</p>

<p>There have been many threads on this before...learning to use the search function would prove highly beneficial.</p>

<p>A few suggestions cobbled together from various related threads:


<p>Why do you want to go to college in a forest? What if you get eaten by a bear, and get really really hurt? I don't want to say die because that's too scary.</p>