Colleges in Illinois or surrounding areas that are good for Psychology?

<p>Hi, I want to major in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and am interested in any colleges in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana or Iowa with good programs in that field? I know that U of I and UW-Madison have one of the best programs in the nation but I don't think my stats are good enough so could you tell me any other school I could get into with good psych programs?</p>

<p>gpa:3.4 (will be a 3.5+ after 1st semester)
act:25 :( retook in oct hopefully 26+</p>

<p>only taking hard classes and 5 ap classes total in high school...that's part of the reason why my gpa is so low</p>

<p>student council, nhs, class president, upward bound, tennis (have way more ec)
500+ voleenteer hrs just in my church
200+ other voleenteer hours</p>

<p>also, I come from a low-income family so places that are not too expensive or that give out alot of funding?</p>

<p>Thank-You so much for taking the time to read and answer this! :)</p>

<p>Also not sure if this helps but I have an A+ in psych right now ;)</p>