Colleges that have their own App and the Common App... Rec Letters?

<p>So I'm basically using the online custom app for colleges that have their own. If I use this App must I also use their custom rec letter design or can I use the Common App rec letter and ask for my teachers to fill that out so I don't give them like 5 different letters to fill out...
Even if I do this I have to give like 3 diff style rec letters and I think it will be very tedious for my teachers to do this for me... especially since they ask basically the same questions.... Has anyone been in this situation like me? Should I ask more teachers for rec letters and split them up?</p>

<p>I think the best thing to do is use each unique form of recommendation and give them to the teacher, just make sure to thank them tremendously for doing all the gruntwork to complete it because the standard of teacher recommendations seems to be they write one letter, say see attached on the recommendation form, fill out personal information and do the checkboxes, so really it's just some busywork which most teachers will be glad to do as long as you give them enough time to complete them.</p>

<p>i'm applying to abt 12 colleges. i absolutely dread appoaching them with so much of work.</p>

<p>What is it now with people applying to 12 colleges? You are the third I've run across in the last 24 hours.</p>

<p>Whatever happened to the general recommendation of 6? Have you had the time to thoroughly research all these places to see which would be the best fit, such that this can come across in essays and interviews? My daughter has a friend who applied to 14-15 places, really on the basis of reputation and ranking rather than anything specific to the schools or her needs or interests. Despite her sterling stats, she didn't do as well in her results as my D, who applied to half as many and so was able to devote more time to research, essays, and the like.</p>

<p>OK, I'm volunteering my opinion (again) where it hasn't been sought. Feel free to ignore it :)</p>

<p>To get to the original question, you do have to use the form the school asks you to use. If you don't, it just gives them a reason to dismiss your application. ("If this person can't be bothered to read our directions ... if we aren't important enough ..." Etc. Kind of like using another college's name in your essay about "why [blank] is the best college for me")</p>

<p>Does that count if the teacher is no longer around? My d's recommendation comes from her 9th & 11th grade history teacher (same guy) who has now moved far out of state. He's given her a letter rather than a form. Is it appropriate to fill out the student info on the form and just attach the letter?</p>

<p>Chedva - I'd advise sending the form to the out of state teacher, along with the letter he wrote, along with stamped and addressed envelopes to the schools where she's applying. Letters need to appear confidential, even if the teacher doesn't care, and having your daughter send the letter and filling out the form doesn't have as much credibilty as coming directly froom the teacher. Also, the forms usually ask questions only the teacher is in a position to answer.
Treat this teacher as you would any recommendation.</p>

<p>Thanks. (Oh, and she wouldn't be sending the letter anyway; the guidance counselor has a copy and will send it along with the transcripts, GC rec, profile, etc.)</p>

<p>i had a huge list of schools i wanted to apply to now ive narrowed it down to 8 on the common app and 2 chicago schools which dont use the common app..dont feel bad about wanting to apply to to many but think long and hard about where you would really be happy, and which schools you originally thought you liked but when considering it in the long run would not want to attend it really helped me eliminate a bunch of schoolsi am pretty content with my list now and am most likely going to be splitting up recommendation duties between two teachers whom ive both known since 8th grade</p>