Combined BA/MD Chances

hey what’s up. i’d like to know where you guys think i stand currently. i am apply to gwu, northwestern, brown, nyu, and bu. thanks

SAT: 710M, 740CR, 750W (highest so far, taken it twice and my gc says take it again)

II’s: 740Bio M, 750Physics, 710U.S., 650Chem (taking again in fall), Math II in fall

AP: 3Euro, 5U.S., 5PhysicsB

GPA: 3.78UW (I think); no rank

Taken toughest classes to date, next year:
AP Calc BC, AP Stat, AP Spanish B, AP English, AP Government, AP Macro/Micro, AP Chem.

Various extracurriculars:

trumpet since 6th grade: lead in jazz and symphonic bands and symphonic orchestra, co-president of jazz band, done nyssma festival 4 times, plan to do all county/all state next year

newspaper - managing editor, previously ent section editor

spent all summers of high school taking classes (bio, precalc, etc.)
volunteered at hospital, working in a engineering lab this summer (interning)
planning to do intel, siemens westinghouse, and isef next year

member of national honor society, national spanish honor society, tri-m music honor society, and nshss or something

various clubs and stuff: environmental club, medical club, rotary/interact, science research, mathletes, anti bias club (i hold positions in a few of these like vp etc.)

i’ve also won some awards in like science research over the years (honorable mention, merit at local fairs) and a medal for doing well on the national latin exam and spanish exams and stuff, but so far, nothing spectacular or anything.

thanks again.

p.s. if you wanna throw in some names of regular undergrad schools, i would greatly appreciate it

<p>sorry for that long post haha</p>

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<p>Just a note, I'm pretty sure NYU got rid of its BA/MD program fairly recently.</p>

<p>yeah i just found that out too. thanks</p>

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<p>Post this in "What Are My Chances?". People will help you out there.</p>

<p>as a general rule, you need Ivy-type stats for the combined programs. PLUS, you need experience in the medical field to show that you understand it (and won't faint at the sight of blood). My suggestion is to spend more time at the hospital, and less at engineering pursuits, if you really want to show that your passion as medicine. Otherwise, with a stong Math 2 score, you'll be a candidate for great engineerng programs.</p>

<p>how far are my stats from ivy-type ones haha</p>

<p>and also i did work in the hospital but i broke my arm so they dismissed me from there. i plan on going back this fall.</p>