Common Mistakes on The Common Application?

<p>Hey guys, it's getting to be time to apply, and I wanted to know what some common mistakes made on the common application are. Is there anything I should watch out for, or make sure to list? Thanks!</p>

<p>Copy-and-paste errors. A former student of mine worked for a number of years in admissions at a well respected university. She said she used to read several “Why [name of college]?” essays every year that would end with, “And that’s why I want to go to Penn,” or “And that’s why I want to go to college in Boston.” And she’d think to herself, “OK, good luck with that. Because you’re not coming here.”</p>

<p>Related to that, but not quite the same, see this thread: <a href=“[/url]”></a>. (Long-time readers of College Confidential will recognize it, but many may get a kick out of seeing it again.)</p>

<p>Thank you so much for linking that Sikorsky! Made my day.</p>

<p>I am to please.</p>

<p>That link made my day.</p>

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