CommonApp and EC's question - guidance please!

<p>In the space on the common app that asks you to list your “extracurricular, personal, and volunteer activities,” I’m having trouble making my activities look impressive and interesting. So…I have a few questions…thanks in advance for any replies. </p>

<li>My main EC’s are theater, with strong leading roles but no opportunity for awards, and ballet. How are these activities viewed by admissions officers at top universities? How can I show that these are my principal strengths and interests if I have no awards? </li>

<p>2.The only community service activity I participate in is Big Brothers/Big Sisters – is that OK? </p>

<li>Should I include my summer camp counselor experience under EC’s (two consecutive summers, no pay) or work experience?</li>

1. you can list hours/week- put the average and maybe the # in tech week, and # of productions a year, also if you started before HS you can say 'since 2001'.
2. That is great, again hours per week and lenght of time involved
3. I say work, work is work even if you weren't paid. It also show leadership/responsibility role.
Good luck.</p>