Communal showers pranks?

A month ago, I went to take a shower in the communal showers down the hall, and while I was in there a friend of mine took my clothes, basket, and towel. After getting out, I found a note that said all my stuff was outside my dorm. The shower was a floor below mine, so I ended up streaking all the way down the length of the building twice and up a flight of stairs. Some other girls saw me going up the stairs, and some more getting out of the elevator. It was so embarrassing! Payed her back by pantsing her right in front of her crush. What are some of your own Prank involving communal spaces?

We would always throw people in the shower on their birthdays, meaning the entire hall would gather outside their room, then we would barge in and carry them out in whatever clothes they were wearing to get drenched. That was pretty memorable :stuck_out_tongue: