Communication programs

<p>What would be the ranking/best programs for communications (media,broadcasting,PR, etc).
I have thought it was
Newhouse at Syracuse
Ananberg at USC
Anyone have a different set?</p>

<p>The best programs in communications are:
Syracuse,Northwestern,University of missouri Colombia,Indiana university bloomington, and boston university.</p>

<p>I got into all and this fall I will be with the orangemen in the prestigous Si newhouse School of Public Communications!! For me its perfect</p>

<p>my brother went to newhouse and i currently am earning my minor at a an Annenberg interdiscplinary program, i'd say both schools should be in the relative top 5.</p>

<p>penn is pretty good, also UGA grady school of communications</p>

<p>what are you planning to do with a communications major? is the job outlook good?</p>

<p>Also take a look at Quinnipiac.</p>

<p>Also look at Ithaca.</p>

<p>Hi and congrats on getting into all those schools. Why choose NH over NW. Did you find a resource that ranked those schools? I am having a doozy of a time choosing between NH, BU,NYU and USC. If I do choose NH I'll seeya there! What's your major BTW (Broadcast j)</p>

<p>Communications is a worthless degree. It sounds interesting, and I was interested in it, but a degree in Communications means NOTHING.</p>

<p>a communications degree's beneifts can be a bit hazy, but thats why you need to make sure to have consise goals you hope to accomplish and make sure there isnt a better degree suited to you (like film or journalism).</p>

<p>of course i could be wrong and you could be a comm. grad testifying from a personal experience, i just dont want you to pull a UC_benz and trash a major without knowing anything about it.</p>

<p>Even people who work in related fields don't respect this major. My mom is an executive at The Discovery Channel, and when people apply for jobs there, they basically disregard their application if they are a Communications major!</p>

<p>just curious, how did your mom become excecutive there then, what education did she receive? (a genuine question, may be useful info for the thread, not a comeback).</p>

<p>Graduated from UCD, major in Anthropology, Masters from The London Film School. Most companies that actually deal with communications want you to have a specific major, and graduate work in that particular media; i.e. journalism, film, etc.</p>

<p>anthopology? do you think it was probably her masters then that got her an executive position at discovery? my attempted point being it may have not mattered if she had a comm degree either with the masters emphasising a more specific field.</p>

<p>anyhow, more on to topic, i dont think it's so bad to be in comm, granted USC has one of the better programs for it, but i've interacted with people from the school and they seem overall smart and ambitious with plans. And my brother majored in comm at newhouse and he did have trouble getting a job, but then again it was right when the market tanked and i think alot of it wasnt all his degrees issue, if you know what i mean.</p>

<p>i think it is good to try and encourage someone to do something more specific in come (journalism or film ect) but if they really dont know, it's a good start, over picking some random arts/letters sociology (seems to be something alot of people that have no idea what they want to do pick, if someone is actually a soc. major here and has a bright career and is offended, sorry for the presumption).</p>

<p>I'm also planning on major in communication,
and i got into</p>

<p>USC (Annenberg with communication major)
BU (Com.)
Syracuse (New house)
UCLA (accepted with different major,
because fresh cann't apply for comm. major.)</p>

<p>I don't like Syracuse and BU, so probably not going.
and I just visited USC last week, and fell in love with it.</p>

<p>I have totally different choices of schools.
like Middlebury, Emory etc.</p>

i am REALLY REALLY having difficult time choosing one.</p>

<p>Well a friend of my uncle works at cnn. He tells me that the more workers who are most accepted and respected for their bachelor of communications is newhouse. Try it yourself ask several different people about the various universities and in where i got more impressed was with newhouse.Even here in Puerto Rico newhouse is highly recognized. I wen't to syracuse over the summer and loved it .You get the feel for how important it really is to be a part of newhouse. Yeah and although you asked how did I chosse NH over NW. Well it depends on the person but for me NH sounded greater in print journalism than in broadcast although it is highly recognized. Whether you don't know which to pick go for the one you feel a click with .Last summer was the best for me.If you decide to go keep in touch.I am going to summer start in july. Take care and good luck!!</p>

<p>Hi again,
Here's the latest with me - took a trip back to revist BU, NH and NYU
My focus is on advertising so BU looks like the best choice although it isn't 100% yet. USC,NH and NYU are more for journalism or theoretical communications it seems to me. I can only hope I'm heading in the right direction</p>

<p>well mind you, advertising tends to be a business emphasis as well, and seeing the prowess of USC's business program, which offers an advertising emphasis, i'm not surprised about that.</p>

<p>Just to clarify spincut, USC Anneberg offers Advertisting courses and USC Marshall offers Marketing courses (and a handful of marketing emphases provided your major is business administration). What's the difference? In an advertising course, it is likely (and understandably so) that the communications portion is stressed. For example, a commercial will be watched and then followed up with "what makes this commercial so effective?" Marketing, however, focuses more upon things like consumer behavior and analysis, brand management, and specific marketing strategies. </p>

<p>Indeed, there is a great deal of overlap but distinctions exist as well.</p>

<p>granted they are all under marketing, there's marketing and then there's advertising at Marshall.</p>

<p>but things like brand management is also its OWN emphasis and consumer behavior and analyses is a class thats part of it, and advertising is its own emphasis as well, as is general marketing, sales strategy, ect.</p>