Computer Science/Business Double Major -- Purdue vs. IU

<p>Hello everyone!</p>

<p>This is my first post here, though I've looked extensively on this site as I have begun my infamous college search. My problem that has aroused is between two state colleges (I live in Indiana)--Purdue or Indiana University. I plan on double majoring in Computer Science and Business Management and would like to stay at a relatively cheap college, for I'll be paying for it myself. At IU, I'm guaranteed a scholarship already with their automatic scholarships, but I don't think so for Purdue.</p>

<p>I know that Indiana University has an excellent business school and is building a new facility that will be completed about my freshman year. And, on a visit there, I loved the campus and the artsy, creative feel of it. However, their computer science program is virtually non-existent. Purdue, on the other hand, has an excellent computer science program and a decent business program. But, when I visited the campus, I liked it and all (especially their computer science building), but they are very math/science oriented and I didn't feel the same creative/artsy vibe as IU--I know, it sounds ridiculous. So my choice has become between these two programs. </p>

<p>I want to eventually get an MBA and possibly an MSA in computer science. So I need a school that will be able to give me a good job or a good chance of getting me into prestigious colleges like Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, etc. if at all possible. So what do you guys think? Can I get a good job with IU's lack of computer science? Is it not worth it?</p>

<p>Side note: (don't know if this is needed) I have relatively good grades, though not compared to many people on this site. Mostly A's with a few B's. My GPA is weighted as a 3.84 (we don't have unweighted). I've taken a few AP classes and am scheduled to take a few more--AP English 11, AP US History, AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Psychology, AP English 12, and AP Government. I'm not at a top-level high school, just a regular old public one. I'm involved in a bit of extra-curriculars: NHS, Newspaper (Editor-in-chief), Soccer year round, Freshmen mentoring, outside organizations, Youth group, and probably a few more that aren't very important.</p>

<p>Thank you in advance for the help!</p>

<p>Why are you deciding now? Why don’t you apply to both and see what you get for FA and acceptances? You need to apply to more than one anyway…</p>

<p>Why do you think IU isn’t good for CS? Are you talking about a specific campus?</p>