Confused altogether :/

<p>Im finishing up my first year at a CSU, but a few issues come to mind. I feel like i should aim higher, but im really not sure how to go about things.
-At the moment i have a 4.0gpa and i wanted to go to a community college because im not feeling too happy where i am. The thing is i know community colleges are stacked and i tried picking courses, but there isnt any left. So even if i went to one i doubt i could transfer in less than 3-4 years.
-I dont know what exactly to do. Im not 100% on my major, but i am leaning towards business. I have a good gpa, but I dont know if i can transfer from a state school seeing as they are last pick for transfer.
Q- Any thoughts on the whole transferring situation? Also does it matter what undergrad school you attend if you want to apply for a graduate school? I know im all over the place, but this stuff makes college depressing when i should be enjoying the experience.</p>

<p>-Thanks in advance</p>

<p>There is a whole forum just for transfer issues, and near the top of that forum is a great thread titled "Transfer Admissions 101". Read through it and see what you think.</p>

<p>Transfer</a> Students - College Confidential</p>

<p>Congratulations on the great GPA. The better your grades the better your later options (grad school). There are many posts suggesting that CSU transfers to UC are hard to do. Maybe not impossible though. The suggested post from Happy momof1 looks good.</p>

<p>Is finding happiness at your current place out of the question?
If you fear it's not rigorous enough, give it time (freshman year GE's only get you started). Your guidance department there should be able to answer your questions on admit rates at various grad schools. Do you have your own advisor? Please get to know him/her. You sound like what you need the most is some good advising.
In general, grad schools look for the same things undergrad schools do- rigor of your class choices, papers/research projects/internships, teacher recs, and the almight standardized test scores.
Is there an honors program at your school that would accept you? These programs usually have their own motivated advisors.<br>
Business is a good area to take classes in- we're a capitalist nation after all! So if you decide on another major area you won't have wasted your time. Learning is valuable in and of itself. Take time to breathe this summer. You will get somewhere on this journey even if the endsight isn't clear now.</p>

<p>Thank you both for responding it means a lot!
-I know CSU to UC transfer isn't impossible, but i feel with so many applications from High school, Community Colleges, and UCs not many spots will be left open. I'll still check it out though.
-I think it's possible to find happiness here i just probably have to take the time to think things over as a whole and maybe try a study abroad trip sometime next year so i can get away from home. I thought about even doing a student exchange program to go to NYU for a semester or so
-I do have one last question. I know its probably been asked to death, but i really would like to get into a good grad school and so im curious what kind of steps i can take. Along with gpa what are some ways i can make myself stand out? Im at a lower tier school, but how can i prove I'm just as motivated and capable of keeping up? Thanks again :D</p>

<p>I don't know much about grad school in business but I have been a professor at a UC campus in the physical sciences for almost 25 years and have admitted and worked with many grad students. Two of the best grad students I ever worked with (and both have gone on to successful careers in science) went to Cal State -- one from CSU Northridge and one from Fresno. For admission we look for high GPa, good GREs, good letters and rec and it helps greatly to have some research experience. Undergrad institutional reputation is not a good predictor of success in grad school. The talents of the individual student make all the difference.</p>