Confusion about diff schools of Penn

<p>I made it into the college of arts and sciences b/c I want to do biology, but what exactly are the different schools for? Im so confused. If you made it into Wharton does that mean you just take all business classes? And if im in CAS does that mean im just restricted to taking liberal arts and no business classes? </p>

<p>ugh…can someone just explain this to me?</p>

<p>Essentially, different colleges have different majors.</p>

<p>You can take any number of classes of another school as electives. Non-CAS majors will have a large number of required courses from the CAS, such as biology for Bioengineering and economics for Wharton.</p>

<p>okay, the school you go to only makes a difference in what major you're doing. But just because you're in CAS doesn't mean you can't take classes at Wharton. You can still take classes at Wharton and SEAS. But after you finish your requirements for your major, you can take your electives in business or engineering.</p>

<p>Im a total n00b. what is SEAS, CAS, Wharton etc. are they penns grad schools? when i apply do i have to apply in particular to one of them? im in high school, wouldn't i just go to UPenns main undergrad school? is there a main upenn undergrad school or is it just split into these various schools? thank you! (seriously i know nothing about these schools so start there)</p>

<p>also does seas and cas stand for something? i think they do but im not sure</p>

<p>SEAS, CAS, Wharton and Nursing School are all Undergraduate Schools within the University of Pennsylvania. You apply to one of the school (or one of the joint-degree programs) as an Undergraduate. SEAS stands for School of Engineering and Applied Science and CAS is the College of Arts and Sciences (aka SAS, School ...).</p>

<p>For undergraduate, there are four divisons:
1. College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
2. School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)
3. The Wharton School
4. School of Nursing </p>

<p>The University is composed of many schools:
1. Annenberg School for Communication
2. Graduate School of Education
3. Law School
4. School of Arts and Sciences
5. School of Dental Medicine
6. School of Design
7. School of Engineering and Applied Science
8. School of Medicine
9. School of Nursing
10. School of Social Policy & Practice
11. School of Veterinary Medicine
12. Wharton School</p>

<p>All of the above have graduate programs, but only 4 of the above have undergraduate divisions. The CAS is the primary undergraduate division of the SAS (school of arts and sciences). The graduate division of the SAS is the GSAS (graduate school of arts and sciences)</p>

<p>so i would have to decide what i want to major in before applying? hmm, im not sure. i dunno if upenn is right for me then. i might change what i want to do and i want to go to a school that can support anything i want to do. im thinking pol science, but im not sure. how hard is it to transfer among the schools?</p>

<p>the more harder the school is to get in to, the more harder to transfer into that school if you're accepted to another school within Penn. It's difficult. but not impossible, to switch into Wharton.</p>

<p>the colleges are for the most part independent of each other...meaning if you got into CAS, then you can only take 4 classes in Wharton in your 4 undergraduate years.</p>

<p>meanwhile, at Wharton like 40% of the major is in different colleges...</p>

<p>which is why i chose Wharton, (so im f***ed too. haha)</p>