Conservative but Moderate

<p>I can't really explain but I am looking for a school where the students are conservative but moderate. I don't like the too liberal atmosphere like Sarah Lawrence for example and neither do I want a " I Love Bush" school. Which schools do you know tend to lean in the direction I am talking about? Keep it in the Northeast or southern states. Thanks</p>

<p>In what selectivity range?</p>

<p>uc berkeley</p>

<p>any schools , could range from really selective to the school for B students.</p>

<p>Vanderbilt seems to fit the bill among the top 25. Its slightly liberal, but more moderate if anything.</p>

<p>What about Bucknell or Holy Cross?</p>

<p>george washington univ. seems to be moderate</p>

<p>also, university of miami-ohio is very conservative</p>

<p>UGA has a very liberal faculty and a vocal group of liberal students, but a majority of the student body itself is conservative leaning. So, you'll see lots of liberal ideal in the student media and expressed by the faculty that is either ignored or laughed off by the more silent conservative majority.</p>

<p>Duke, Vandy, Holy Cross, Davidson,and Colby.</p>


<p>And Colgate.</p>

<p>Notre Dame, Georgetown, Duke, Boston College, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Emory to name a few mildly conservative schools.</p>

<p>I'd only agree that those schools are mildly conservative compared to how liberal most colleges tend to be. If you were to classify them on the political spectrum I think many would be moderate or even slightly left-leaning.</p>

<p>Still, I think they'd fit the OP's criteria (maybe) so no more complaints there, except that Northwestern and Notre Dame aren't in the Northeast. :p</p>

<p>How do Catholic schools usually rank on the spectrum of left and right?</p>