Cornell AEM Chance


<p>I go to one of the best schools in the country, ranked top 5 public school in state consistently.
Grades: freshman year I did pretty poorly. I only took 2 honors classes out of 5 "majors" ( core curriculum) I got 2 B+ and 3 A-.
Sophomore year I took all honors classes and 6 "majors" with 2 B+ and 3 A- and 1 A.
Junior year I took 7 majors, all honors and 1 AP. At my school, honors curriculum is based off of AP classes, and they are weighted the same. I will likely have 3-4 A 2-3 A- and maybe a B+.
Senior year I will take AP Calc AB, AP physics, AP stat, AP psych, AP Econ, honors English, advanced year 5 Spanish.
I have taken 3 business courses and gotten A in all.
Overall, I will have about a 3.7 UW, with my weighted GPA in the top 10% of my class.
My school does not rank.
Test scores: SAT 2300 single sitting. 800 R 700 M 800 W. I will be retaking for at least (hopefully) 750 M.
SAT II: 770 USH, 800 math II, taking bio in October.
PSAT: 219 (NMS commended for now)
Essays/recs: I have begun writing both for Cornell and the Commonapp. Both focus on personal issues in my life that I am not willing to share with CC, and how they have shaped my interest in business and science. Recs will be from English and Bio teachers. Both write excellent recs. from what I have heard.
ECs: NHS (member, only offered senior year @ my school). Class Vice-president (junior/senior year). VP of debate club (junior/senior year). President of investment club (junior/senior year). Sophomore year I created a charity 5k road race and shoe drive. I manage a charitable investment portfolio of stocks. Children of divorce mentor. State winner in nation-wide science competition. (I have other, scattered, less relevant ECs that I will spare you from having to read about.)</p>

<p>So...chances at AEM ED? Any advice? thanks!</p>