Cornell Engineering High Acceptance Rates

<p>The average Cornell acceptance rate for 2006 was around 24-27% for all colleges. Why is it that the acceptance rate for the Engineering school, top 10 in the nation, is 36.5% (2043 acceptances/5594 applicants)?</p>

<p>Also, I am from Maryland and am thinking about applying to Cornell with a Bio major. Do you think I have a better chance at applying to CALS and CAS. CALS has a higher acceptance rate but I'm guessing its lower for non-NY residents since it's a contract college. Does anyone know anythign about this? The costs only differ by a thou and the programs are supposedly the same.</p>


<p>Higher acceptance rate, but their applicants in general are more qualified, iirc.</p>

<p>They admit huge numbers of intls, but very few enroll because of lack of aid.</p>

<p>um... can you say overrated?</p>