Cornell RD Class of 2023 Discussion Thread

What would you guys say are the words that come to your mind when you hear “Cornell”?

Finally submitted my application today :slight_smile: I’m applying to ILR, and don’t have spectacular stats, but they aren’t absolutely abysmal- just meh. Cornell is one of my top choices, and I was already accepted to my state schools (UofA and ASU) and the University of Notre Dame! Very excited to see what comes of the agonizing wait ahead :slight_smile:

How significant of a disadvantage is it if I only submit 1 SAT subject test for A&S? On their website, it says they would still consider an applicant but just wondering.

I applied ED ILR and got deferred. So far I’ve gotten into Arizona, IU Kelley, Wisconsin, and Michigan

I also applied to UVA,UNC,UCLA, Villanova and Emory

stats? I also got deferred from ILR. @shayshack

Can someone please explain to me the differences between CALS and CAS?! ASAP

@hannah1789 I can’t find the CC thread right now, but as I understand it, CALS is better if you are positive about what you want to go into. CAS lets you explore more—it has a more liberal arts base.

@hannah1789 check out this Youtube link. She is a senior. She explained the difference between two programs. Around 10:10

Anybody else receive a interview already? Mine is tomorrow at 3pm!

I applied to CALS! Does anyone know if CALS has interviews? (I think I read somewhere on the CALS site that says that we don’t have interviews? Idrk tho)

Oh I applied to AAP ^

Hey I kinda applied right on deadline and my supplement I just noticed was kinds cut off
and missing so you think they would accept the. complete also especially if your applying cals help me revise supplement and make it longer

Also I sent bu and Stanford like an hour passed deadline is that ok

Hope you are all doing great! Can you please chance me for Dyson School of Economics and Management. I’ll be very grateful.

SAT: 1490: 800m 690e
*International student from Bangladesh
*O-levels: 5As and 4A
s( appeared in 9 subjects)
A-level: 5A predicted sent by school(will appear in 5)
*Have studied Maths Physics Biology Chemistry, which are strangely all highly recommended by Dyson
*Financial aid: yes

  • ECs:
    • Captain high school basketball team
    • Founder of a basketball club
    • Started a project to help a school in my village.
    • Head of finance at an NGO
    • Campus Head at an NGO
    • 4 week Internship at a bank
    • Taught at an orphanage for free for 4 weeks
    • WWF internship group leader
    • Head of quiz at an Olympiad
    • Head organizer at 3 basketball tournaments

Academic achievements: High achiever 2 years

*Common App essay: 8/10 wrote about what i learnt from an important leadership experience
*Supplement: 9.5/10 worked a lot on it as I initially planned to apply ED
*Teacher and Counselor recs: 9/10

I know no one can really predict anything when it comes to the IVYs but if you can please give your opinions I’ll be very thankful.

I know it’s always a crapshoot trying to guess your admissions decision before it comes out, but any opinions/advice would be helpful.

Applying to the ILR school as a white female from a small public school on Long Island

GPA: 93 unweighted, 100.13 weighted (my school doesn’t give 4.0 scales)
SAT: 1390 (700 math, 690 reading)
ACT: 33 composite (English 32, Math 30, Reading 35, Science 34, ELA 29, STEM 32)
Rank: 30/316 last time I saw, should be better now

Freshman year- Honors Earth Science, Honors English, Pre AP World History, Forensic Science, French 2;
Sophomore year- Algebra 2 Honors, AP Art History, AP World History, Honors English, Honors Chemistry, French 3
Junior year- AP Biology, AP Human Geography, AP US History, AP English Lit, Syracuse University Forensics, LIU Pre-Calc Honors (college course offered by my school), St Johns French 1010 (college course), Psych, Advanced Topics in Psych
Senior year- AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, AP Lit, AP Psychology, St Johns French 2030 (college course offered by my school), Honors Economics/Gov’t

AP Scholar with Honor
Principal’s Honor Roll (9th-12th)

National Junior Honor Society (9th-10th)
Volunteer for Gynecological cancer charity (9th-12th) (run by a survivor who I am close with, I volunteer at her fundraisers and holiday events every year)
Service Club (9th-10th)
Natural Helpers (11th-12th)
President of Environmental Awareness Club (11th, the teacher who ran the club moved to Arizona after my junior year)
National Honor Society Treasurer (11th-12th)
World Language Honor Society (11th-12th)
English Honor Society (11th-12th)
Sales Associate at American Eagle (October of 11th grade-present, I work about 16-20 hours a week)

College Essay: an anecdote about how I discovered my passion for arguing (in a debate sense, not a querulous sense) in a humorous way, loved by anyone who reads it as it showcases my passion/humor and how I developed from this experience

Recommendations: all of my recommenders are people that I have looked up to in my high school career and I have very strong relationships with. I have no doubts that they wrote great letters.

Teachers- My Pre AP World History and AP Human Geography teacher (knows me very well personally and academically), my French teacher who I’ve had every year of high school (knows me very well personally, knows my academic interests)
Other recommenders- Vice Principal of my school (knows of my respected reputation among peers, grades, personality, etc.)
Close family friend who leads the charity discussed in ECs (knows me very well personally, knows how I interact with others, etc.)

Supplemental: I wrote about life experiences and classes that influenced me throughout my life, I feel that I can’t really grade myself on this. Probably 8/10. I’m not sure.

Haha I’m applying to Dyson and didn’t realize how insane it is to get into until recently…like is there even another existing college program with a sub-3 acceptace rate? Dope school but still ridiculous

@Cornellian2000 1380, 4.0(school doesn’t weight), 1/96, legacy applicant, Sent in a LOCI and additional rec letter after being deferred. I also did an interview since being deferred(didn’t have one in the ED round). As for EC’s, I did a number of activities, many with leadership, so I’d say I’m pretty strong in that area. I spent a lot of time on my essays and edited them thoroughly. Recommendations were very strong as well.

Best of luck to all RD applicants!

@shayshack we’re pretty similar except I had an interview before results came out. Good luck! Hopefully we’ll see each other in Ives Hall one day! :wink:

@Cornellian2000 Good luck to you too!