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<p>See how many of these 5 geography/history questions you can answer:</p>

He was the first person from all of Great Britain to gaze upon this amazing place. So inspired, he rightfully gave it a symbolic name that remains to this day.</p>

Within the confines of this metropolis (including the immediate surrounding residential areas) over 70 of its roads have names that pay tribute (if you will) to a meaningful tree.</p>

One of the most vital bodies of water in the eastern hemisphere (one known by many names over the centuries) once suffered such a severe drop in depth that pumping from it was banned.</p>

In all of North America, two places that recognize counties (not regions or districts) for the purpose of local government, have the least amount of counties within their borders.</p>

Littered by numerous shipwrecks and cut off from the waters of a familiar sea by reefs of coral, this enclosed area is considered one of the largest (if not the largest) of its type on planet earth, and yet, it's rarely seen on maps.</p>