counselor recommendation

<p>If a school requires 1 letter of rec., does the counselor recommendation that comes with the application count as the one needed?</p>

<p>according to the common app, the counselor rec is separate from the other two, teacher recomendations. The counselor rec is simply part of the "school forms" and is sent to your schools along with your transcirpt and rank.</p>

do councelors HAVE to send a rec letter???
b/c even though there are like 500ppl in our class, my councelor HATES me peronally (too long of a story). if it turns out that they do have to send one, would it hurt me if she says bad stuff about me?</p>


<p>The colleges are going to look at the counselor recs a little differently than the teacher recs due to the various school sizes of each applicant. if there's 500 ppl in your class, of course your counselor is not going to be able to give an outstanding rec, unlike me who's one of thrity in my class. Anyways, it's all relative. However, having a horrible relationship with your counselor, as you say, is definitely not going to help your cause. As too how bad it hurts your application, i don't know. What i would suggest though, is sitting down with your counselor and reconciling your differences. Express to him/her how badly you want to go to university x and that personal fueds shouldn't keep you from achieving your goals.</p>