Craziest admissions decisions you've seen?

<p>Not really into discussions like this, but Ann Coulter, Cornell alumna, rejected Keith Olbermann's attendance of that university. Seems KO attended the "ag," or agriculture side of the university which I believe is state-supported. </p>

<p>Olbermann mocked Coulter by saying, if she wanted to spend all those bucks and feel superior to him, who spent a fraction of thereof, then feel free. </p>

<p>Olbermann then held up his degree and said, something to the effect of, "says right here, Cornell University."</p>

<p>Spanglish: SDSU only accepted local people this year. They had a ridiculous number of people apply, as did all the CSU schools, so they went mostly local. Being rejected really has nothing to do with your friend's capabilities =). Hope they end up at Cornell! Ithaca is gorgeous</p>

<p>In at Princeton, rejected at UGA.</p>

<p>^Damn really? Thats ridiculous. Jw is UGA instate?</p>

<p>Also isnt Arizona's acceptance rate like 95-99%?</p>

<p>Ksp791: We are local! Hahaha. And they didn't choose Cornell.</p>

<p>Full ride at U of Chicago - Rejected at UCLA</p>

<p>Full ride at Cornell, UCLA, Wisconsin - Rejected at Indiana</p>

<p>wow some of these are good im curious to see more out there!</p>

<p>In at notre dame , rejected umd cp (our state school) ea</p>

<p>In at Penn.
Waitlisted at GW</p>

<p>There was an article in the Orange County Register a year ago about wacky college admissions decisions and it featured a local kid who was rejected from UCI, but accepted to Harvard.</p>

<p>Some of these seemingly odd decisions make sense when you realize that the admissions staff probably felt their school was being used as a safety and decided to practice "yield protection".</p>

Full ride at Cornell, UCLA, Wisconsin - Rejected at Indiana


<p>Wow! I can relate. Indiana was my son's safety school two years ago and the only school that didn't accept him.</p>

<p>I'm wary of anyone that says they got a "full ride" scholarship from an Ivy League university (I see a lot of "full ride at Cornell" stories here), as they don't give out merit scholarships as a matter of policy.</p>

<p>And Cheeky, graduate schools are completely different. Acceptance is based upon fit in doctoral admissions (and by fit I mean research fit and fit with professors' interests), and not just rank. It's entirely possible that she didn't really fit well at UNH but fit very well at Tufts and Columbia. Same thing with haavain and your mom for chem eng. Doctoral admissions sometimes make seemingly even less sense than undergrad.</p>

<p>here is crazy one that I recently heard about:</p>

<p>Accepted at Lehigh (#35 on USNWR)</p>

<p>Rejected at Univ. of Redlands (70% acceptance rate)</p>

<p>accepted to harvard, rejected at brown, georgetown, swarthmore.</p>

<p>Harvard, yes / Florida State, no vs. Princeton, yes / UGA, no. Hmmm. That's a really tough call for ultimate craziness. I'd declare them co-champions. :)</p>

<p>I can probably tie with that: my B got into princeton and yale but not into NYU</p>

<p>Waitlisted at state flagship, Harvard. Accepted at second-tier state school, Duke. Not in California. (So a less good flagship than Berkeley.)</p>

<p>I had a teacher who was accepted to Harvard, but rejected at UVM. Figure that one out.</p>

<p>This is all real crazy. Puts safety and reach schools in another perspective.</p>