critique my UC essays..*URGENT-DEADLINE IS TODAY*

<p>hey all, i know i pertained to write my essays at the final duration, but any help or tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. i am applying as a transfer from community college to la, berk, sd, and davis. </p>

<p>Question 1 Academic Preparation, Major…</p>

<p>My intended major at University of California is economics with statistics and mathematics minors.
I have a strong interest in integrating my math strength in conjunction with my passion for economics. The economics theory is changing rapidly as we enter into a global economy. Because of the global influence, much of the current economic development in the United States cannot be explained by the past history in domestic economic events. Our society is entering a brave new world that needs people with talents from multiple disciplines. I want to devote myself to further study of the subject so that I can make great contributions to our society.
Ever since I was little, I have exhibited superior strength in mathematics. I have always been proud of having top grades in all levels of mathematics classes. I found getting a full 800 points in Math SAT IIC was quite easy for me. While at Monta Vista High School, I was not sure what major I would be interested in, so I followed the trend in my high school. Most of the best students in my advanced math class went to engineering school for continued challenge. Among all of the fine schools, I was awarded a full scholarship at the Electrical Engineering Department from UC Riverside. I went to UCR because I appreciated their recognition of my potential very much. It was such a great honor to me.
I was pretty sure that my math talent should be best utilized in natural science or engineering areas at that time, but gradually my thinking changed in many ways during the transition from a high school boy to college young man. One of which is that I learned that I may be able to contribute my talent more in the social science field as opposed to limiting it in the natural science field.
Ever since my high school graduation in June, 2004, I have been exposed to many more areas in arts and creative minds. I found out many exciting developments in human society. They were very fascinating. My curious mind led me into economics and political science studies. I developed a passion to cope with larger issues in our society. I did not want to be just focused in the engineering field any more. I realized that my superior memory helped me to recall the historical developments in humanities studies. With my blooming comprehension development in the last couple of years, I found out that I can relate current events quickly to similar events happened in the past hundreds of years. I got much satisfaction from explanation of such connection in events.<br>
During the past 18 months, my studies have been more closely associated with the economic theory and different market forces. Now I feel that these terminologies are always dancing in my head. As I drive between my home and school, I can immediately link the concepts to the real objects that come to my sight. Everything is so lively and vivid. In my current economics class, I found the topics easily comprehensible, as they are related to calculus that I had mastered in high school. Applying my math ability to economics is so exciting, that I want to study more in this field. I am so lucky that I am extremely strong in math and statistics. I believe this is the area that I can excel in and I want to continue my study in the graduate school afterwards. My goal is to get a post graduate degree in the area that I can combine economics, statistics, and advanced mathematics all together.</p>

<p>Question 2 Potential to Contribute</p>

<p>I spent two quarters of my college freshman year at UC Riverside, and participated in its University Honors Program voluntarily. It was a wonderful time as I experienced many things and learned new tips and tricks among strategizing academics along with morals and ethics. I attended weekly colloquiums to listen to very interesting and insightful speeches by professors from various departments and fields, which broadened my views a lot. Every week I looked forward to a new topic and enjoyed the whole series.</p>

<p>I was also actively involved in the community service there. I participated in the campus safety escort service. I enjoyed it since I always wanted to help other people. In the late winter nights, I was glad that I was able to walk other students to go back to their dormitory safely from either the library or computer labs. </p>

<p>I will continue similar services at my future UC campus. I will further explore more ways to contribute myself to the community. In the meantime these experiences will help me to be a well-rounded person. As I learn to apply more things to more circumstances, I understand how to do things that allow me to be more versatile.</p>

<p>Question 3 Open-ended question</p>

<p>At UC Riverside I adjusted myself fairly well and made new friends in the fall quarter of 2004, but gradually I felt unhappy because I realized that I was not passionate enough for the engineering field. In addition, I did not enjoy the environment and lifestyle in southern California. They became growing problems for me as time passed. I lost over 15 lbs. and my performance declined dramatically during the second quarter.</p>

<p>I felt that I had to make a change to pull myself out of the situation. I decided to come back to northern California where I felt I belong to. I had full support from my parents and all the best wishes from my UC Riverside friends. As soon as I started studying at De Anza College in my hometown in the third quarter, I was happy and could focus on my study again. I salute to the flexibility of the community college system which allowed me to continue my college study with no time lost at all. </p>

<p>Having gone through this setback, I am more mature than ever before. My performance quickly recovered and I am ready to come back to UC campus and continue my study.</p>