Crunch Time!

<p>I'm trying to decide between Bowdoin and Cornell Hotel.
What are the pros and cons of each:</p>

<p>I think you've exhausted your opinions. Make a decision and I would say since you seem really caught up with the whole "prestige" factor go to Cornell so you can say you are an Ivy League Student.</p>

<p>Not even, I'm just trying to educated myself as best as possible. You've exhausted my patience, so stop commenting my posts.</p>

<p>Do you want a preprofessionl school?</p>

<p>Actually I will reserve the right to comment on whichever posts I like. I just thought I would inform other readers that you are posting the same thing repeatedly, (if we want to talk about exhausting people's patience) which is why there are fewer and fewer comments on your posts. What you are looking for is for someone to tell you to go to the most "prestigious" school which is Cornell for you.</p>

<p>alright buddy, your cool.</p>

<p>I simply asked for pro and cons.</p>

<p>If you want to go into hotel administration, Cornell Hotel is for you, and Bowdoin is not. Bowdoin does not have a hotel admin program that I am aware of.</p>

<p>If you do NOT want to go into hotel admin, and you want to explore a nice array of liberal arts options, then Bowdoin may be for you, depending on your interests; Cornell Hotel is not. Cornell Hotel is what it sounds like ---- you would attend if your career path is focused on hotel administration.</p>

<p>You need to answer the question: do I want to go into hotel administration as a career?</p>

<p>If you applied to Cornell Hotel *just to get into Cornell the school<a href="easier%20than%20gaining%20admittance%20to%20Cornell%20Arts%20&%20Sciences">/I</a>, then I have no answer for you.</p>

<p>No i AM interested in hotel administration. But im just curious about the flexibility of the program, regarding going into business post-graduation</p>

<p>From what i hear, some kids go on to get their MBA or get jobs at banks or as ibankers.</p>

<p>I am. Try it sometime. ;-)</p>