CSS Profile- Changing Employment Situation for Parent

Hey guys, so I submitted the css profile a while ago, and when I submitted it one of my parents was unemployed. However, now that parent has a job and is currently looking for another job to replace the first job, so would I have to update the css profile to reflect this change?

I don’t want to end up adding the new job on the css profile for the colleges I’m applying to and then that job ending up being inaccurate due to my parent changing their job. Of course I’m willing to do that but I’m just making sure I have to make that change to the css profile in the first place (and if I do how to do it as efficiently as possible as I’m applying to a lot of colleges).

Thanks for the help, and any more questions just let me know.

You can call admissions/financial aid offices on this. I assume the answer from one school will apply to all, but not sure. Make sure you don’t talk to a student.

Once the CSS Profile was submitted, I think I made changes in writing, but not on the Profile itself, but I can’t remember,

Some schools go by parental employment the year preceding. They may want info on parental employment at the time of your acceptance. It is complicated so I would ask.

Your income for the 2021-2022 academic year is from the 2019 TA year. Was your parent employed at that time?

Your Profile is completed as of the date of filing. I would agree that if you have a question, contact the college financial aid office and inquire. They will tell you IF and HOW you would amend the Profile for that college.

@compmom the Profile cannot be amended online like the FAFSA. Different schools deal with amendments in different ways.

Yes I made changes in writing after speaking with a financial aid officer. Not on the Profile.