current students: terrific study places/ real estate club

<p>I know this sounds nerdy, but can you please tell me two of the best places for studying at USC? Do you havve 24 hour libraries? or is that only during exam week... i remember something about that during my campus visit last year. </p>

<p>Also, do you happen to know anyone in a real estate club? I'd like to know if the club goes on any trips or n e thing.. and what unique opportunities it has.</p>


<p>I'm fairly positive that the main library is open 24 hours a day, and is supposed to be an excellent place for study.</p>

<p>hum.. but what's the name of that 24-hour library?</p>

<p>Leavey Library</p>

<p>When there is sunlight out, then I recommend the main reading room in Doheny library (the old one across from Bovard). Leavey is the only one open 24 hrs everyday, except Sat nights.</p>

<p>Leavey gets pretty crowded during the night. Even past midnight. But it's the only library that's open after midnight. Doheny is a great place to work during the daytime (reading rooms) and even during night. The bookstacks are really silent, unless you're under some fans. If I don't want to be around anyone, I take to the stacks. Hoose Library at Mudd Hall is also really quiet. Small but quiet. It has a more ancient feel to it (it's the philosophy library).</p>