D in Algebra 2 sophmore year, now what?

<p>So I thought i would pass my second semester of Algebra 2 with a C but I ended up failing the final and now i have a D. I passed the first semester with a C. This is my first time getting a D so I'm kinda of worried and confused. Due to budget cuts my school isn't offering summer classes and all the community colleges around are full, private programs are too expensive plus im already taking other classes over the summer. So I'm content with taking it over again in my junior year because I've always struggled with math so it will give me time to review all the way back to pre-algebra/algebra 1 and I'm thinking next year I could do much better in Algebra 2. Anyways going into math analysis with a C is not recommended. So now I'm just confused/worried about the D on my record.Since I'm taking algebra 2 again my junior year will it replace my sophmore grades in algebra 2? And if they (I want to get into a UC) look at both scores will they just pick one? Also this year my dad got a lung transplant and my parents had to live at the hospital for a few months, so personally/family wise I kinda of went through a lot, so could I use that to explain my grade? Other than that my unweighted gpa has remained above a 3.0, I took one AP, and next year im taking 2 APs. And im really determined to do better next year, so yea I know this is long but I am just wondering how this will impact my chances of getting into any UC. Thank you.</p>