Dartmouth Early Decision Chance - Just to see if we can slip one in

Father graduated with BA in Business Administration Boston College

SAT I (breakdown): 550 (Math), 560 (Critical Reading), 590 (Writing) on 2nd attempt as Junior
SAT | (breakdown): 420 (Math), 500 (Critical Reading), 460 (Writing) on 1st Attempt as Sophomore

Not taking SAT again. She doesn’t test well, and gets anxiety

Weighted GPA: 4.17. GPA Frosh was 3.9, Soph was 4.07.
Unweighted GPA: 3.90

Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): No idea. CA doesn’t rank anymore. Silicon Valley located school,
so the competition is intense. No grade inflation here.

AP (place score in parenthesis): None. I told her not to bother. 3 years of Spanish was all Honors Spanish
Took forensics and trig junior year.

Awards: Northern California scholar athlete. GPA higher than a 4.0 and member of varsity softball. Awarded Soph year.
Northern California scholar athlete. GPA higher than a 4.0 and member of JV softball. Awarded Jr year.

Job/Work Experience: Summer after Junior year, associate at Rockin Jump which is an exercise facility

Essays: working on them. She is an ok writer
Teacher Recommendation: Will all be exceptional. Kid is quiet but always knows the answer. Very well liked

Applying for Financial Aid?: Nope. Father and mother combined make north of $350K
Intended Major: Biology
State (if domestic applicant): California
School Type: large public school (~500 in her grade)
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Hooks: Born in later November. Youngest kid in her class. CA cutoff is Dec 1st. I’m hoping they see that
she is very young, and her improvement year over year on the SAT combined with GPA is a match.

Strengths: GPA. Given time to study, straight A student.
Weaknesses: Stupid SAT tests. Gets anxiety.

Comment: I told her not to stress the whole college stuff. She can attend Boston College Evening division at night and is guaranteed to be a graduate of a top 30 school. She is pretty much a lock at Clemson, Univ of Arizona, Univ of Alabama which she would be happy attending as well. But hey, Dartmouth has a great gluten free program, as she has Celiac Disease

Here’s my stats. What are my chances? Note that I’m applying during the second of two years away from school so I’m in a unique situation.

-ACT: 34 overall, 12 on the writing
-GPA: 3.95 unweighted (school didn’t weight)
-Class rank: Don’t know my specific rank, but they put us into achievement groups at the end of high school and I was in the Top 21. There were other students in my school who did just as well if not better than me; the majority of them are at U of Michigan now. One at Cornell. I went to an excellent public school in Michigan. About 375 in my grade.
-APs: 5 on Lit, Lang, Us Gov, Us History, Calc BC / 4 on Microeconomics
-Other classes: Honors English 10, Honors math until Calc BC, Spanish up to level 4

-Captain of Debate Team 12th grade, member since 10th grade
-Leadership position (non-engineering) on FIRST Robotics Team, 11th and 12th grade, member since 10th grade
-On Model Un team
-In National Honor Society & National Spanish Honor Society
-Editor-in-Chief of school newspaper, 11th & 12th grade (this was a class, not after school)
-Member of creative writing club
-Breadth of work experience in the film & journalism industries

-Straight, white, male. Age 18 (one of the youngest in my class; even though I graduated from high school over a year ago I’m still younger than many of my friends were when they graduated)
-Born in England, moved to Michigan in '07

-Writing is my strong suit; I want to be a journalist or screenwriter. I have many ideas for the common app essays (with one draft written) and have worked strenuously on the supplemental essays.

-Had two of the teachers I was closest to write my recs. They’re both English teachers - is that o.k. provided they’re the two teachers that knew me best? (One was my AP Lang teacher and also my debate coach. The other was my AP Lit teacher and my newspaper teacher who I had for all 4 years of high school)

Intended major: Film & Media Studies with a likely second major in either English or Political Science.

-Live in America, but classed as an international student as am not a permanent resident yet. Intend to stay in America permanently once we have green cards.
-On the second of two gap years. Family have travelled around Europe with my dad’s job during this time. It’s because of that and because of a lack of financial aid options at U of Michigan that I’m not currently at college. Currently living in Ireland and have also been in France, Germany and England this year. Will return to America in December.
-I’ve been on an internship with a film magazine/website for the past year. I’d say the time commitment is akin to a part-time job or one of my more taxing extracurriculars, but since I do the job at home from the computer it’s hard to tell. I interview people, write regular articles and film reviews, edit everyone else’s articles, and communicate with pr/distribution companies and the company’s sponsors.
-I’m currently taking classes in Ireland and have also taken online classes this year through Coursera, which I will continue to do until college.
-Went to an intensive journalism summer camp before junior year.

Past colleges applied to:
-Both Oxford and Cambridge. Reached the interview stage of both but rejected from both. They probably wouldn’t have been the right fit for me, anyway, and besides - I wouldn’t be eligible for student loans from England anymore regardless.
-Accepted into U of Michigan. Was going to go, but they wouldn’t give me any kind of financial support as an applicant. I cannot go to school ANYWHERE unless said school is able to provide international students financial aid. Because of this I’m applying to 15-20 schools - from ivies to local public schools - and keeping my options open. I think I’m in the 100,000 - 120,000 bracket (dad works, mom doesn’t, 2 siblings), but I will need aid to be able to afford uni.
-Rejected from Yale, Penn and Columbia. This was back in 2013, and my essays were significantly worse than they will be in this application cycle. I was very lazy with them back then. Still, even with fantastic essays I still probably wouldn’t have gotten in to those at that point.

What are my chances? What are my other options? We’ve tried everything but our hands are kind of tied. Considering Dartmouth ED as they are need-blind and claim to meet full need. If this is true and I get in, it’d be a dream come true.

@cameron245 dartmouth is no longer need blind for international students

Shame to hear that. I will still apply, but perhaps not early decision anymore.