Dartmouth Graduate Career Opportunities / Questions about reputation in professional world

From a lot of the reading I’ve been doing, and from the overall portrayal of Dartmouth in media, I get the sense that it’s shown as a “party school” with a ton of frats, etc. I know that the academics are still amazing, but I’m worried that sometimes graduates of the college are left with a problem in finding a good job because some of the public opinion of Dartmouth isn’t super presentable. Is this the case? Will the employer think “this kid went to the party ivy…?”

My question also applies to graduate school admissions. How strong is a Dartmouth diploma when gaining admissions to HYPS for grad school?

Thanks for the advice.

Hahaha. Check out the college’s reputation in the financial/business world. Always high. Grad school will vary by department – like every school.

That what I hoped to hear; I suppose professionals have more respect for the school than the laypeople of society. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reassurance. I will likely apply ED.