Davidson College

Hi, I was wondering if anyone who applied to Davidson could give me their stats it would be great. I want to see if I have a shot.

Or if someone could tell me if this is good enough it would be great
unweighted GPA: 3.8
course load: APs and IBs
No Class Ranks at my school
Varsity letterer in two sports and planning to play field hockey for whatever college I go to
Haven’t taken the SAT yet (only a sophomore)
200 hours volunteer work, but no work experience
Multiple honors choruses

and more…

Also, if it helps I would apply early decision

<p>If your standardized testing turns out to be good (2100 range, or above), then the 3.8 should be fine. And applying ED is a big boost at Davidson. And volunteer work and community service are important components. If you go to the Davidson Web site and check the admissions section I think you'll find some statistics that will give you a sense of the academics. (The Web site overall is very informative and well presented, so worth a look for various types of info.) It's not all numbers of course, and it's hard to say what gets you in to any school, but certainly a 3.8 is the kind of average that keeps you in the running anywhere.</p>

<p>Davidson is rapidly getting more competitive. The average SAT took a big jump this year, and based on the rough numbers, it's around 1500 on the old scale.</p>

<p>I applied and got waitlisted with 3.9ish uw GPA, 1410, lots of ECs, etc.</p>

<p>there's no way davidson's avg. SAT is 1500. 1500+ avg. is for harvard, yale, princeton, and MIT. Even top liberal arts like amherst has like 1450 avg.</p>

<p>The mid (25-75) percentile averages for accepted students at many top small schools is likely to be slightly higher than the mid percentiles of enrolling students. I believe the average for the top quarter of Amherst and Williams accepted students is above 1500; the average for the top quarter of Davidson's accepted tudents this year was above 1490. </p>

<p>I have noticed, best_wr, that on another thread you seemed to be pondering the issues of name recognition at Ivy League and other larger schools versus the less well known but extremely selective smaller schools, such as top LACs. You might want to exploire the Web sites of some of these smaller schools (see USNWR top ten lists, for example) to get a better perspective on the excellence of the students at these smaller schools. Interestingly, Davidson and Bowdoin tied for 7th place in 2004; most people (in the broadest sense of "most") have heard of neither, but both are great schools and are consistently rated in the top ten, as are Haverford, Pomona, and Carleton, all even less well known than perennially top-three Amherst, Swarthmore and Williams (whcih as you note elsewhere most eople also have never heard of) and all offering superb educations to very highly motivated students.</p>

<p>i've read through USNWR hundreds of times ^^ so i know lots about small less well-known, yet excellent, liberal arts college like colgate, hamilton, etc. etc... williams is where i wanna go, but i'm running into a bit of conflict with my parents b/c of name and all that.</p>