Day dream believer?

<p>Hi! I came across your website and found it might be helpful to ask a daunting question.</p>

<p>ME: I'm a 27 year old male who graduated with a history degree. Being young and transfering from an out of state cc to a regular state college I didn't know what I wanted to do. I picked history, but as I joined my friend (whom was a buisness major) in his class participation I found out my real desire was to be in the buisness field. Having lost so many units from switching schools and being my junior year I was advised by both the history and buisness school at my university to just finish up with my bachelors in history and pursue buisness for an MBA. My GPA be the way was a 3.2. On a personal note, it could have been much higher but I was recently diagnosed with ADD which effects concentration.</p>

<p>I'm jumping obviously from a completely different spectrum, but is it possible? Is it possible that a non-buisness major could be accepted or recieve grants or scholarships to ivy league schools? What should I do at this point?It was always my life long dream to attend USC or UCLA, but is there a way for a guy who makes very little and has no financial support from my family?</p>

<p>In case you are wondering what I have been doing since I graduated, I worked at a bank for sometime. Then, due to a family illness I had to relocate temporarily to my homestate to attend to the needs of the sick member. The person has made a full comeback and I have just relocated back to the West Coast.</p>

<p>Your thoughts and insight are much obliged</p>


<p>omg whats that song. soemthing goes day dream believer!</p>

<p>damn addictive song</p>