Deadline for financial aid and CSS PROFILE?

<p>The CSS PROFILE and financial aid deadline for my schools is today. However, my mother still hasn't gathered all the information to complete it. Will my financial aid still be considered if i submit everything in a week? What will the consequences be (if any)?</p>


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<p>I would email the financial aid office at your school. I am not sure that the deadlines are hard and fast. I believe that would depend on the particular school. For some, it seems that they are Priority Deadlines, meaning that you should do your best to get it in by then, but they will continue to accept applications after that date.</p>

<p>To reiterate, contact the specific schools you are considering for how important it is to complete these forms by their stated deadline.</p>

<p>Consequences COULD be that there is no FA or merit aid left once all the on time applications are processed.</p>