Deadlines to submit test scores?

<p>Hi, I can't seem to find the deadline to submit test scores to Cal States and UC's. I remember reading that the deadline is around December for some but January for others? Hopefully somebody could help clarify for me.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>UCs accept through Dec SAT and ACT tests, and Dec ACT scores with the writing score – which is needed before ACT sends anything and can take some days to be released after the composite and section scores are released – will generally not get there until first or second week of Jan even if ordered sent as part of your test application, and you basically have until second week of Jan to get scores to them. If you already have scores, you should send them now if you have not already done so. </p>

<p>For CSUs you need to check what each wants because some readily accept through Dec tests and others have earlier dates, e,g, Cal Poly SLO wants testing completed by November 30 and scores sent by early December; San Jose State wants scores in in its hands by Dec 21. Those will still accept Dec test, or later sent scores, but you go to the back of the line for being considered for admission behind those who provide timely scores.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for your reply. A follow up question to you and/or anyone else who sees this. If you have taken a December SAT and you haven’t received the score for that yet, how does one handle sending scores? Would sending current existing scores suffice? Or should a form of communication be made to the admissions offices of those schools which you are applying to?</p>