Decile range

<p>Hi, I'm a student from an international school.
At our school there's no individual rank for GPA but we do have a decile system, where the top 10% of the grade is decile 1, top 20% is decile 2, and so on.
Our grade – class of 2013 – is particularly really, really smart.
Our decile 1 starts from 4.0 (weighted GPA), while other grades – even the seniors – start their decile 1 from about 3.9~3.95. I'm assuming by the time our class becomes seniors, our decile 1 is probably going to start from 4.03~4.05, because in our sophomore year we were only allowed to take 1 AP course whereas in our junior year (this year) we are allowed to take as many as 4 AP courses. (1 AP course is worth 4.5 points and a regular course is worth 4.0 points, so it's natural that the decile increases after a semester.)
I was wondering if this would give colleges an impression that our school is just easy to get grades...:/ Believe me, our school is not easy and it's really hard to get good GPA. It's just that there are A LOT of competitive students in our grade compared to other grades, and almost everyone works his/her butt off to get straight A's.</p>

<p>So, my question is, even if your grade is extremely competitive and you have a great GPA (say like 3.99, which would be in the decile 1 range if you were just not in my grade) but you're not in decile 1, would the colleges care a lot about your decile?</p>