Delete Subject Test Score

<p>I JUST got back home from taking my subject tests-US HISTORY and MATH II
I registered via CollegeBoard for USH, MATH II, and PHYSICS, but i made a last-minute change and replaced PHYSICS with LITERATURE. However, I did not attempt the LITERATURE subject test this morning seeing that I did not have any preparation nor idea of how to approach it.
I filled in the bubble for the type of subject test (Literature), but did not fill in any answer bubbles on the scantron.</p>

<p>1Will my LITERATURE subject test be graded?
2Can I cancel my LITERATURE SCORE (which will probably be score of 200)?
3Can I NOT send this score to colleges?
4What are the ways in which I can send my test scores? (via CollegeBoard? Counselor?)</p>

<p>Thank you very much for reading.</p>

<p>Erm. If you bubble the test type, does it automatically count as writing it?
I tried to erase a bubble. Hopefully the scanner doesn't read it : (</p>

<p>have you ever tried cancelling a subject test before?</p>

<p>Fax your request to cancel the Lit score by Wed night. Follow instructions carefully!<br>
Canceling</a> SAT Scores - How to Cancel Scores</p>

<p>1) Not sure. Hopefully they'll have the sense to see you didn't answer any questions and didn't intend to take the test.
2) Only if you cancel all the scores from that test date as well, which you'd have to do by Wednesday.
3) I believe sending scores works by sending scores by test date; if your Lit score ended up being graded, I don't think you could leave it out when you try to send the USH and Math scores.
4) I believe it's via Collegeboard.</p>

<p>If I were an admissions officer and I saw someone with a 200 on the Literature I would obviously assume there was some sort of accident. Also, I would probably laugh.</p>

<p>neekzg is correct, I didn't read all the way through the materials when I first posted, but it says you can't cancel just one subject test--you have to cancel them all--except in the limited instance of mechanical malfunction with a test-related device (math or foriegn language listening).</p>

<p>GreedIsGood is on the right track, if you report otherwise good scores and then a 200 for one (dunno how you get 200 just for putting your name on it?!), I think they will figure out something happened!</p>

<p>okay thank you very much.
as i am applying through Questbridge, I must fax my subject test scores by Nov 1
and CB scores are released Oct 28</p>

<p>im excited!</p>