Denison Regular Decision Fall 2022 Admissions

Applying regular decision to Denison in 2022? Here’s the thread for you to connect with other Big Red applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates.

How does your application compare to students admitted last year? Take a look at the chart below and then share your stats, activities and more.

Denison 2021 Admissions Statistics
Admitted Students in Top 10% of Graduating Class 71%
Mean SAT Score 1304
Admissions Test Policy Submitting test scores is optional
Applicants Submitting SATs 42%
Applicants Submitting ACTs 35%
Waitlist Yes

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The mean SAT score seems to be off by some figure, they reported to be 1280 to 1450, and 29 to 33. And the “applicants submitting SAT/ACT” stats are not correct either. QuestBridge | College Partners | Denison University

Hello Denison applicants for Fall 2022! On this forum last year, applicants mentioned that AFTER they submitted their application, an optional essay appeared in their portals, which was a Why Denison essay. Can any of you who have already submitted your app, respond as to whether such an optional essay appears in your portal for the current admissions cycle? Thanks.


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I just had an exchange with an admissions officer at Denison and actually there IS an optional Why Denison essay for RD applicants after they apply that appears in their portal in and around January 15, the app deadline.

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Hi there. S22 has applied to Denison and today got an email suggesting he apply ED2. Does everyone get that or might that be a good sign? Just trying to read the tea leaves. :grin:

I am also wondering this. I received the email and it was worded to suggest that I got it because I had applied to Denison very early, but for the RD cycle.

Yes, same here. Though I guess if you’re getting the email now before the RD due date, you have applied early. Based on replies from the HS Class of 2022 board, everyone who has applied got the email. No one has said they haven’t gotten the email, so looks like it’s an open invitation.

I just got an email about the “Why Denison?” essay. I’m wondering, is this something that’s offered to all applicants? Does anyone have any advice for approaching the essay? Thanks in advance.

I am not sure whether Denison offers the essay to all applicants, but they do seem to make this available to the pool of applicants they are considering. Denison does a good job of finding students who will be a good fit with the school and will prosper there. It’s a very diverse group but also cohesive. So the essay is an opportunity for you to explain what appeals to you about Denison and why you think you have something to contribute to the school, in a non-generic way. My son, who is a current student, wrote the essay shortly after participating in an alumni interview that had given him a very specific sense of what it would be like to study at Denison, and that was helpful background. He just wrote very honestly what he was thinking and that seemed to work.


Any idea what a Denison alumni interview is like??

when did you submit your application, if you dont mind me asking?

I submitted my application for RD fall 2022 in early November.

My son received the email yesterday too. I’m sure it went to everyone who submitted a RD application…

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oh okay thanks. I just submitted my ED2 application a few days back.

Does anyone know if Denison requires a mid-year report (first semester grades)? It does not expressly say so on the admissions page or in the portal… Thanks

I’m sure it does I think all colleges require it.

I’m applying regular decision and I was wondering is there a set due date for this essay? I’ve checked my portal and it says nothing about a due date for this optional essay. I’m planning on doing it before February 1st just to be safe though.

The email my son got says Feb 4 is the due date for the Why Denison question.