"Describe Yourself" essay topic...

<p>This topic is provided by many many many colleges. What they want from everybody is to know them well through the essays. But exactly, HOW can one describe oneself? I know all the be honest and be yourself concept, but still, it's kind of hard to write one. What are the common traps and flaws one usually makes? What are some creative ways to introduce oneself or to write an effective essays? I would greatly appreciate some tidbits. Thanks.</p>

<p>They want to know about you, your interests, passions and motivations. Why? Because there are a lot of smart kids who work hard enough to get good grades, but do not accomplish much with their gifts because they lack motivation and balance. </p>

<p>Common "errors": Don't write about working hard to get good grades. Don't blame others and circumstances for problems you have had. Write about things outside of school. Don't use essays to preach your views about drugs, sex, religion or politics. Be cautious about adding humor into your essays. You do not want to appear frivolous and adult tastes in humor can be different than those of a high school student. Don't use a thesaurus to add big, impressive words. Don't over edit. You do not want serious grammar and spelling errors, but you essay should have a natural feel.</p>

<p>You do not need to write about serious and ponderous issues. Write about those passions and interests and your unique view of the world even if the topic is about something simple.</p>